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Monday, June 21, 2010

A very creative site

Stuart Elliott, who writes on advertising for the New York Times, describes an innovative website and marketing campaign for a brand of gin. The website, full of whimsy, nostalgia for a bygone era, and a clever pastiche of images is worth a gander.

Mr. Elliott writes: The Web site, billed as the Curiositorium, is a digital curio cabinet, stuffed with all manner of offbeat, oddball sights and sounds that are intended to bring to life the brand’s promises that it is “a most unusual gin” and “it’s not for everyone.”

Best yet, the product it touts actually came on the scene just a few years old, but then, who's counting? The creative team designed their product and site to look like something alive and well in Edwardian England. Full of fanciful images, perusing their site is fun and inviting. They even invite you to become part of their exclusive little club. And of course you'll want to try their product.

But for me, the site is a great case study for how creative minds can transform something as mundane as a bottle of gin into a nostalgic celebration full of romance and feats of derring do.

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