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Monday, May 24, 2010

This is One Time Being Number Two Ain't So Bad

I guess it's official. It's on the web, so it must be. We, as in the proud city dwellers of Washington, DC and its' surrounds, are second in the nation when it comes to "living the good life." So says Portfolio.com: We lead in four categories: "with the largest concentration of management and professional jobs, the highest share of big houses, the best percentage of college-educated adults and the lowest poverty rate for families.

I wonder about that last one. Living in Capitol Hill, I see people living in poverty hovering around the fringes of affluence. But obviously also a great number of the educated and accomplished. Not to mention the area's cultural and ethnic diversity, and the explosion of the arts and music, theater and restaurants that define a great city.

So, I'm delighted with our new designation.. Considering how, not too long ago, we were known as the murder capitol of America, a city many people found sketchy even during the daytime, it's a real coup to be number two.

And having an educated, accomplished population means continuing economic vitality and innovation. Which is probably the best news of all.

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