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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Voice in the Wilderness

We are so visually oriented, but music is another way of sharing and perceiving and, I suspect, is universal to all cultures. Music offers a wide range of emotions and composers shape their sounds to create pictures in the mind. But where do they find inspiration? And how does one create a work of substance? Well, sometimes, you need to listen to the silence. For me, I often need to block out the "background noise" before I can find the inspiration I'm looking for. So I was very tuned into the story of contemporary American composer, Robert Kyr as broadcast recently on NPR. Kyr journeys to a remote monastery in New Mexico to seek the silence of the desert. And I found this story on he finds his muse very moving.

And if you'd like to explore his music further, here's a link to one of his CDs.


Nina said...

Hey Dan...why are you the only GVI person posting??
What's new at GVI?? Would LOVE to read about some of your exciting projects...I know there have GOT to be some!!!
Keep up the posting!!!
-Nina Ing

Wouter Ludeke said...

Hey guys just too let you know that GVi is not all they give out to be, they have absolutely no control over what you do in the wildlife management internship. If training and experience in this field is what your after this is not the place to do so. Just a heads up